In addition to hosting resource-demanding sites, there's one more reason to acquire a virtual or a dedicated server of your own - to start your website hosting company. This is an ever-growing business, as more and more people and businesses start their world wide web presence, which means that they need hosting space and a domain name. If you have a website hosting server, you will be able to generate hosting plans and sell them, so that you can not only cover your expenses when you host your personal Internet sites on the server too, but you may also make a decent profit by running a prosperous business. What you need for that is a server, payment software, which will be the connection between the reseller website and your web space, as well as a business account with a payment processor for instance PayPal or 2CheckOut, so as to be able to receive Internet payments. The benefit from reselling server space over the use of a regular reseller program is that your customers will have additional system resources and you are able to set up the server-side software which their Internet sites may need in order to work properly. The aforementioned will not be possible with a shared website hosting reseller program, since you will have specific restrictions in this regard.