Some time ago, the cPanel Control Panel was a proven pioneer on the hosting marketplace. Its reputation grew so big that today cPanel is an equivalent of Control Panel. Still, the cPanel Control Panel is created on dated concepts and what worked well a few years ago isn’t actual now.

That is why, we developed the Leed Hosting Control Panel, centered around the concepts of today and prepared for the circumstances of tomorrow. It is developed to perform in the cloud, to be easy to use and to allow you to control every aspect of your web presence: website, domain name and invoicing, all from a single location.

1. Domain name/invoicing/website adjustments

If you would like to control your domain names, web sites and payments from one location without needing to resort to any extra panels, the Leed Hosting Control Panel is definitely what you want.

Using the cPanel Control Panel, you will need to log into 2 separate website management solutions – an invoicing panel from which you manage domains and invoicing and the cPanel Control Panel from which you maintain your web sites.

2. File Structure

Using the Leed Hosting Control Panel, your websites and subdomains will be free from each other. Each individual website will have its very own folder segregated from the rest within the home directory of your hosting account. You can easily change from working on one site to managing another.

Using the cPanel Control Panel, you have a single hosting account for your main website and if you want to have other web sites in the same account, they’ll be included as subfolders of your primary site. This could make maintaining several web sites truly perplexing.

3. File Manager

The Leed Hosting Control Panel offers a convenient–to–use File Manager, which allows you to add data files by just dragging them in your web browser. You’ll have immediate access to all the capabilities by handy right–click context navigation. You should also make use of code and WYSIWYG editors. All capabilities are really simple to apply.

The File Manager of cPanel is slow and limited in characteristics. Submitting a number of files takes a considerable amount of time and and won’t include drag–and–drop support. The built–in unarchiver is undependable and the file managing instruments provide just general controls. There isn’t quick access to the included file management capabilities.

4. Cost–free Add–ons

If you’re seeking to obtain more for your investment, then the Leed Hosting Control Panel is your solution. It comes with free–of–cost bonus features that are estimated to cost more than a thousand dollars. You’ll be able to work with the Website Installer Instrument, Web Application Installer, 1 Click Framework Installer, Website Creating Application and you’ll also find access to a large collection of free–of–charge layout templates.

The cPanel Control Panel is offered by way of a commercial certificate and additional add–ons will be included for an additional price. Consequently, even if your company offers no–cost bonuses in the cPanel, their cost will be contained in the cost of your cloud hosting offer. Furthermore, the amount and sort of 100–percent–free bonus features will change from one web hosting provider to another.

5. Control Panel Interface Speeds

We’ve enhanced our Control Panel to run uninterruptedly on our equipment exclusively. This makes it much quicker than alternative Control Panel interfaces. We’ve as well configured it to

employ the whole potential of your Internet access – the speedier your Internet access is, the better our site management solution will work.

cPane is designed to be operating on a wide selection of platforms utilizing various equipment set–ups. Therefore, it’s not 100% designed to function with a certain platform, which might have damaging impact on speeds and stability. Furthermore, It may be even slower at times of intensive hosting server load.

6. Multi–domain name Administration

The Leed Hosting Control Panel lets you flawlessly take care of a variety of websites and their domain names from a single location. Every single site is going to have its own separate folder in the root of your hosting account and will also be 100% free from the rest. That way, you need use only one account to control as many domains and sites as you have.

The cPanel Control Panel keeps things separate – you will need to handle your domain names from one place and your websites from a separate one. Each individual website has its own Control Panel. Controlling a number of websites from one Control Panel is also possible, but could also be rather puzzling because all extra domains will be held in the directory of the main domain name.

7. Control Panel Menu

In the Leed Hosting Control Panel, you will be offered the newest stats for your websites and with quick access icons to the most often used areas. Furthermore, you are able to browse through the Control Panel, due to the top navigation bar, which features links to all available menus.

In the cPanel Control Panel, the home page is the sole place that has hyperlinks to the numerous sections. In case you go into a menu and wish to quickly move to another, you’ll have to get back to the homepage and browse further from there. Such type of navigation will slow your work when you need to quickly perform numerous tasks at the same time.

8. Trial Accounts

The Leed Hosting Control Panel features a fully featured demo that offers virtually every menu and functionality it is equipped with. You could start setting up a site, add web apps, make emails, and so forth. That way, you can obtain a a lot more rounded understanding of its user interface and functions before you sign up.

The cPanel Control Panel demo interface is basically a screenshot of what is inside the primary menu. Almost every capability that’s featured there is inaccessible. Thus, when you enroll, you’ll have no clue how the displayed tools and capabilities of the Control Panel actually perform.

We could include every function of our Web Hosting Control Panel here and match it up against the cPanel Control Panel. Nonetheless, it’ll be quicker if you simply take a peek at our live demo account and discover the visible difference all by yourself.

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